Dechert is one of the top white collar firms selected to lead high profile investigations in Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. In January 2020, the Firms Airbus settlement was considered a benchmark for future reporting in France and the United Kingdom. Dechert points out that the Airbus case was complex and the largest to date because they had to apply AI solutions and bespoke technology. They even had to create a virtual law company of forensic accountants, eDiscovery experts, expert control practitioners and white collar attorneys. 

The Dechert help in the Airbus case indicates the deep knowledge on how to deal with enforcement agencies. The other notable Dechert’s case was the company’s support to Dame Elizabeth Gloster. The company had been appointed as an independent investigator to check into the collapse of London Capital & Finance Plc. According to team members at Dechert, the failure of this London-based company ended up being Europe’s biggest scandal with more than 11,000 retail investors, and they ended up recording a loss of over £237 million. A recently published Dame Elizabeth 400-page report revealed the” mini-bonds,” which has resulted in transformative changes made at FCA.

In a recent Apollo Global Management’s special committee, the board developed a report by Dechert to check the professional conduct of Leon Black past professional relationship. The Dechert engagement with the Apollo Global special committee was designed to establish the extent and nature of Leon’s collaboration with Epstein. This firm points out that it’s a common practice for boards such as Apollo Global special committee to have independent investigations so that they can demonstrate the proper oversight and governance. At Dechert law firm, Caroline Black admits that the examples highlighted indicate the reputational, ethical and commercial hazards that global business and their regulators face. The firm even admits that such concerns ultimately result in regulatory and internal investigations that are sometimes tied with fraud plus other criminal proceedings.

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