Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre founded IM Academy as a small enterprise in 2013. Both are self-employed entrepreneurs and Forex specialists. Since its inception, IM has expanded into a larger company with over 225,000 active users. Their educational products and services provide them with a lot of value.

The global headquarters of IM Academy, a virtual learning service and goods provider, are in New York City where it is officially established. Its corporate model, on the other hand, has changed. The company now has affiliates in some of its international markets.

IM takes pride in what they’re doing and its educational innovations. By cutting costs for office space or commercial property expenses, IM Academy can concentrate on hiring talented individuals. Because of this overall concept, with no regard to a location, IM could concentrate fully on its educational format.

The Academy website is where IM operates. The company’s main internet presence is its website. It’s also where service users and Independent Business Owners (IBOs) can use a secure log-in to enter their back-end.

Although an IBO Academy option is now available on the IM Academy website’s Products page, the Academy wishes to explain that this offering is inaccurate. IM does not offer any training programs or services through IBO Academy. The Academy presently offers a separate registration option for anyone interested in becoming an IBO.

IBO Academy is unconnected to IM’s consumer services and products. IM recognizes that this may generate some misunderstanding. That is why they are currently changing and updating their website. This is to clarify that the Academy’s IBO Academy is not a consumer product or service.

IM Academy’s sales approach is to use a network of independent sales agents. They pay these IBOs commissions when they sell the Academy’s products to individuals through a multi-level marketing incentive plan.

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