Tieks flats are one of a kind as they are made of different styles and colors that one can choose from currently. They are made of suede, making them more classy, classic, and bright. Some have improved as they are made of different textiles.

Price Barrier to Customers

Most customers seem to be afraid of the price, making it a barrier to the purchase, but most clients have bought them and complimented how useful and durable they are no matter how long they have won.

Friendliness of Tieks Flats

The Tieks are more friendly to the feet as they are so comfortable and fit so well, especially when you get the right size. They are also friendly to the environment as they use free used textiles like wool.

Stylized Flats

The more stylized and uniqueness brought about by these flats, the colors and styles they are made from; the different colors include black matte, which is one of the colors that can be worn and matched with any kind of outfit. And for those who love bold colors, Rouge flat is the one that fits best for them. As for those who like patterns, leopard print is their choice.

Types of Leather

This flat is made of traditional matte leather and patent leather, while others use different materials like matte leather, patent leather, metallic and animal-print leather. The other type of flat uses free animal textile, which offers four woven textiles and one wool.

These are one type of flats that you can recommend to a client who loves being classy and more stylized; one who wants a durable and more comfortable flat. The one thing that makes them more preferred is choosing from different varieties as they come with a solid color or a pattern.

The company relies on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach millions of customers. To remain top in the market, Tieks attracts its customers by ensuring the shoes’ quality is top-notch. All their customers get personalized handwritten notes and have free shipping and return policy for United States citizens. Refer to this page for related information.


Visit their LinkedIn page on https://www.linkedin.com/company/tieks-by-gavrieli