Across the nation and worldwide, there’s a name that comes up in conversation and debate: That name is Larry Baer.

Baer is the Chief Executive Officer of San Francisco Giants — one of baseball’s most storied franchises — while also being hailed as long before he took on the role as SF Giants CEO, Larry Baer was a businessman with aspirations and dreamed very similar to those of an adolescent boy: He dreamed of winning titles, wearing jerseys, and watching his team play in October.

Larry Baer’s dream was realized in 2010 when sitting in his office, perched high above the field at AT&T Park; the Giants CEO is reminded of the incredible journey he made to get here. For people who are used to seeing him on television or reading about him in the paper, it’s easy to forget that Baer is a human being — and he agrees.

Larry Baer’s path to the top was not easy, however. He grew up in New York City and attended college at Duke University, where he discovered his love for baseball. Unlike most boys of that age trying to find ways to get close to the game they love, Larry was able to get very close:

Giants CEO also discovered that he had a knack for Duke was not known for turning out world-class leaders, but Baer was determined to make the most of his time there. He sat in on classes taught by some of academia’s best and brightest minds as he worked toward finishing his degree in psychology.

Larry Baer graduated from Duke with the highest honors, but he wasn’t ready to put his education to use just yet. He was still figuring out the kind of career that would allow him to continue following his passion for baseball.

After college, Larry spent some time working in the media industry, but he seized it when the opportunity came to join the SF Giants in 1992. He became senior vice president of business operations for the team, and when Peter Magowan was stepping down from his role as CEO, Larry became his natural successor. See this page for related information.


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