DFINITY USAFor the last five years, the dedicated team of developers and programmers working at DFINITY USA have focused on creating and refining the Internet Computer. This team has actively been trying to fulfill its mission, which is to achieve blockchain singularity. Singularity is a unique concept that refers to the full adoption of one blockchain platform universally. Because the platforms used today have mediocre features, are expensive to adopt and have closed-source programming, they have not been adopted universally. The DFINITY USA group, however, has been innovating their Internet Computer as an open-source system with the goal of universal functionality in mind. Once one blockchain system is accepted by all, benefits to the global economy will be profound.

What makes the Internet Computer different from other systems? One of its most fundamental differences is its design language. The DFINITY USA crew engineered Mokoto specifically with smart contracts and blockchain in mind. Because of its unique design, Mokoto supports key functions related to asynchronous communications, automated memory messaging and even orthogonal persistence.

Mokoto’s interconnectedness with smart contracts enables the Internet Computer to execute faster Bitcoin transactions for improved overall economic functionality. The Internet Computer is also encrypted using Chain Key, and this means that it is compatible with smart devices around the world. The DFINITY USA system is also unique because of its Network Nervous System. As a special layer using nodes, it enables faster developer updates and supports liquid democracy.

DFINITY USAGroups that range from computer engineers to cryptocurrency supporters and others have been waiting eagerly for the full completion of the Internet Computer. Its developers continue to fine-tune the technology as they move closer toward blockchain singularity.