Stephen Bittel’s presence in the real estate industry for the last four decades is one of the reasons why the founder and chairman of Terranova Corp are considered one of the leading experts in the business in Southern Florida. Born and raised in Miami, the seasoned realtor has been using his firsthand knowledge of the city region as well as research on the emerging trends in real estate to effectively establish and grow his company.

Bittel’s company has had a long-standing presence in the rise and development of the city, having participated in various projects over the last few decades. The company is renowned for investing in commercial properties and building in the suburban regions during the great move towards the suburban area. However, at the beginning of the century, Stephen saw a new trend in the younger generation as they started moving closer towards the urban area. Bittel saw this as an opportunity to shift his investment ventures focusing energy on commercial properties in urban areas.

The recent pandemic also brought a great change in the real estate business, with many realty firms having to adjust their investments. Through his company, Stephen Bittel has focused their investment on developing urban streetscapes that can allow people to interact while maintaining the laid down health guidelines.

Stephen’s success story begins back in college when he was studying for his undergraduate degree in economics. He later obtained a law degree from the University Of Miami School Of Law. Bittel started his company during his initial years at school, working from his home office. His efforts and dedication saw the company survive against the real estate market recession of the ’80s, after which he expanded the firm into the Southern Florida Municipality.

Business aside, Stephen is also a beacon in his community, having served in various positions, notably serving as a trustee member for the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. He has also led the Greater Miami Jewish Federation’s Washington in both 2009 and 2010. He continues to play an active role in the community, being an active member and supporter of Teach for America Miami.

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