BeachbodyFew events transformed the home fitness industry to a greater extent than the launch of Beachbody in 1998. The company was co-founded by its current CEO Carl Daikeler and has transitioned from sending video cassettes through the mail to streaming workout videos on multiple digital platforms. Carl Daikeler’s educational background in the highly specialized niche of corporate organizational media equipped him with the skills necessary to front one of America’s most popular and lucrative home fitness businesses. The company’s first offering, a quick ab workout routine, has been followed by dozens of fitness routines of various lengths, formats and complexities. At the end of the day, however, the overriding goal of Beachbody has always been to offer everyone the opportunity to work out in the privacy of their homes on their own schedules.

The logical next step for Beachbody was to create a dietary product to supplement the numerous, varied workout programs. The result was the Shakeology product line-up. The unique Shakeology formula was developed by Carl Daikeler’s equally fitness-conscious wife and is marketed as a meal replacement and food supplement that’s both easy to store and convenient to use. One of the main purposes of Shakeology shake products is to fill critical holes in the modern American diet. The products incorporate a wide-ranging mix of vitamins, minerals and other commonly encountered nutritional components. The ingredient list then goes a few steps further by also including leafy greens, whole grains, berries, herbs, spices and fungi as well as more exotic food items that are difficult or impossible for most people to obtain and consume in healthful quantities on a regular basis.


The shakes come in six different appealing flavors and are formulated for easy mixing with water, juice, regular dairy milk or alternative milk products. Shakes specifically tailored for vegan and dairy-free eating plans are available. The products can be purchased in various sizes and combinations directly from the company’s website. Local Beachbody coaches can also assist individuals with finding products that suit their needs.