Ryan Bishti is a successful entrepreneur dealing with the hospitality industry. He is also well learned, holding a degree in marketing and psychology. Apart from giving new hospitality ideas, he also renovates old hotels to perfection. His recent project was the opening of the Windmill Soho that was well renovated ready for customers. Ryan is full of ideas and knowledge to bring the hospitality industry to another level.


Ryan Bishti ensured the upgrade of the Windmill hotel was top-notch. Even though he opened it during the current pandemic, he tried his best to bring in new ideas to keep the hotel functioning and servicing people. One of the things he considered is the provision of good customer service. Ryan ensured that all the staff in the hotel were well trained on how to handle customers so that they could be satisfied with the services offered. He also advises hotel owners to check regularly if the customers have any complaints or if they are comfortable. Such conditions will make customers visit the hotel more often.

The decoration and ambiance of the hotel are other factors that Ryan Bishti emphasizes. Most people prefer going to restaurants with a good ambiance for many reasons. Therefore Ryan considers this because he knows competition in hospitality is very tough. By making the restaurant environment habitable and beautiful, he knows many customers will love it and definitely come back. The restaurant look also contributes to the client experience. When the staff is well mannered, food served is good, the ambiance is perfect, and entertainment such things bring good customer experience. Therefore as hotel owners, it is important to consider all mentioned in order to keep your hotel going even during the pandemic. When all the above things are followed, the customer will always return to experience the good service by being loyal to the facility.