Ross LevinsohnThe digital publishing industry is going through a lot of growing pains. Two decades ago, it was the Wild West of advertising. Many people made millions of dollars without doing anything innovative. They could trick readers into clicking on advertising, and this led to some problems for the industry. Ross Levinsohn understands how crucial it is to move the industry forward. He sees change coming, and it is why he is moving Maven in another direction.

Ad Blockers Cause Problems

One significant change that Ross Levinsohn has noticed is the development of ad blocking software. This is a significant problem because most digital publishers make their money from advertising. The change he sees is companies using technology and a new model to bypass these blockers. It is causing many problems right now, but there will need to be growing pains during this period of transition. Ultimately, these tools are causing millions or even billions of dollars in losses every year.

Move to a Subscription Model

Maven is developing tools to help content publishers be more flexible in who they allow to engage with their content. The move to a subscription model is also evident, and it is one way that the industry will cope with the resurgence of ad blocking software. With this model, visitors will now have to pay a monthly subscription fee to view certain pieces of content. It will enable them to make money without having to rely on advertising. However, a significant downside of this way of doing things is a massive loss in the number of people visiting their website.

Using Technology to Make Monetization Easier

To overcome ad-blocking technology, Maven is pushing towards using technology to make monetization easier. Ross Levinsohn understands that this direction will be the best for the industry. It will make certain websites inaccessible to the general public, but it will be more lucrative for the companies engaging in these actions. These tools will be able to get much more insights than what is currently available, which will lead to a more optimized industry.