Robinson HelicopterFamily-owned Robinson Helicopter kicked off this year with high deliveries of the 13,000th rotorcraft. The success came amid distractions by the coronavirus pandemic. According to Robinson Helicopter president Kurt Robinson, that includes over 1,000 R66s, 5,000 R22s, and 7,000 R44s. The R44s are two piston engines.

The president added that overall, it is an impressive performance within the first half of 2021. The company must be there and keep on with the operations of the aircraft. Robinson Helicopter has aircraft flying dating as far as the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. That is a legacy the company is proud of. The company strives to keep the fleet fit by upgrading old aircraft regularly. That ensures the safety and also keeps everyone on their toes.

Last year was the height COVID-19 pandemic when California took measures to lockdown to halt the spread of the disease. The California-based company sent everyone home for more than nine weeks. It was very devastating for the state and the company as everyone was busy dealing with the COVID-19 impact. This year, the sun is shining back for Robinson Helicopters.

Prior to this success, Kurt Robinson attests that the firm spent countless days trying to evaluate whether its services were essential or not. At last, the authorities decided that the airframer’s services were necessary. The company recalled back its key employees but maintained a minimum. Only a few workers at the repair station were allowed initially, but the team crew grew day by day as the company continued to offer the essential services.

Robinson Helicopter

The team stuck to the COVID-19 protocols and was allowed more people to maintain the service. By the third quarter of 2020, the company had recalled all the 900 employees back. It was tough, but the staff was motivated by their passion for propelling to greater heights of success. The firm prepared itself for a declined production, but it turned the opposite.He achieved more deliveries. Over time, many clients have gained trust with the aircraft manufacturing company. The firm receives orders from individuals, institutions, and various governments. Since its launch, the Torrance Company has delivered up to 12,000 helicopters.