Richard Liu has been the founding chairman and CEO of since its inception in 2004. is the third-largest online retail store globally by revenue. His work ethic and integrity have fueled the company’s growth. has made him one of the richest people in China, with a net worth of over $12.7 billion. He has significant investments in technology such as big data, drones, and AI. Richard’s vision for is to break the norms in traditional retail and e-commerce while still maintaining high customer satisfaction.

He was born and raised in Chang’an village, Suqian, where he faced many challenges growing up. He attended Renmin University in Beijing and studied Sociology. After graduation, he worked for different companies in the e-commerce industry, including Japan Life and World Mall. In 1998, with savings from his time at Japan Life, he rented a tiny stall in Zhongguancun. Richard was selling magneto-optical gadgets like CD-ROMs. Unlike the other sellers at his bazaar, he was committed to selling genuine products.

By 2003, Richard had grown his business to 12 stores. He then decided to focus on the online aspect of his business because of the outbreak of the SARS pandemic. This move to the online space was risky as e-commerce was not yet popular in China. However, he believed that the internet would eventually take over shopping. He was right, and by 2005 had become one of the leading online retailers in China.

In 2006, Richard took public on the NASDAQ exchange. The move made him the first Chinese internet company to list in the United States. Since then, he has been working hard to grow the company even further. Under his leadership, has expanded into many countries, including Japan, Indonesia, and the United States. It has also formed partnerships with many major companies such as Walmart, Google, and Amazon.

Richard has said that he is not interested in retirement and plans to continue working on for many years to come.

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