Journalism is considered a field for the brave. One such individual who has ventured into this field and continues to make great strides is Rachel Nichols. She has worked for different mainstream media companies and continues to grow her career in the different assignments she is handed. Rachel Nichols graduated from a prestigious university with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. The education has been instrumental in giving her opportunities to work with some of the top-notch media channels.

Rachel Nichols has worked in various media powerhouses. Her previous role was on CNN. At the media house, she was charged with the responsibility of exclusive reporting and analysis on the biggest stories. Additionally, she has worked at ESPN, where she could host a show that has grown over the years. The sow focuses on the NBA players but the current and retired athletes. The interviews hosted encompassed players’ professional lives, among other trending stories that need coverage and audience attention.

Rachel Nichols was involved in launching a new show while working for ESPN. Previously, she worked for print media and worked with the Washing Post before transitioning into a different organization.

Over the years has gained expertise in reporting for the sporting fraternity, which led her to land some good jobs. When Rachel Nichols worked at CNN, she worked on covering some of the most significant sporting events. Rachel has interviewed some prominent celebrities who have made a name for themselves in the sporting fraternity. Additionally, she held candid interviews with the top-notch in the sporting world at the organization.

The interviews offer an opportunity for the viewers to learn about the different sports personalities who continue to make a name for themselves. The sports journalist is working towards more excellent career moves and creating a niche for herself. Rachel continues to excel in the different media houses. See this article for more information.


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