There are often baseless accusations in direct marketing companies because of being misunderstood. Hard work is required in businesses as competition is stiff. Direct marketers have to go an extra mile to make enough proceeds, and that attracts criticism. People need to understand this marketing strategy to demystify it. QNET is one of those companies often regarded as a scam.

However, The firm has said that it is a legal business working through direct marketing. It goes on to demystify direct selling. The company compares direct selling to the usual retailing to help understand its operations. In retail outlets, customers pick products from the shelves and may need them taken to their destinations. Direct marketing works similarly, where it delivers goods to the client upon buying.

The retail market also sells its goods digitally and takes them to the buyer. QNET also does its marketing through online purchases by transporting goods to the customer’s location. In the shelf market, sales representatives market new products or supply orders on existing products. That is the same principle applied by direct sellers.

Essentially, a direct market entails supplying products directly to consumers. Direct selling eliminates intermediaries who add the cost of goods. The goods sold through direct marketing are cheaper and readily available in retail shops.

Millions of people earn their living through direct supply. For example, sales agents earn income on sales, unlike others who receive a monthly payment in different companies. The firm insists it is not a pyramid scheme that takes the investment of new members to give to the older ones. The difference between a pyramid and a direct selling company is that pyramids strive to recruit more people while the latter works on increasing sales. With the above observations, QNET is therefore not a scam, but a legit organization.