As a homeowner, one of the best possible actions you can take to protect your home and save money on bills is to conduct an energy audit. That’s the advice of energy efficiency experts with PosiGen, a Louisiana-based firm that has helped thousands of people slash their utility bills. This, while making their living spaces more comfortable and safer. The average home today is probably wasting a lot of energy because of leaks, small gaps in window frames, loose ceiling fixtures, spaces around doors and more. Many homes are also poorly insulated. An attic is yet another problematic area.


PosiGen offers an energy audit that creates four benefits:


  1. Lower energy bills
  2. Increased comfort and health inside homes
  3. An enhanced home valued. 
  4. A cleaner environment


PosiGen technicians conduct home energy audits that include:


  1. A blower door test
  2. Thermal imaging and infrared scanning
  3. Window and door evaluation
  4. Attic inspection
  5. Personalized home energy report
  6. Combustion appliance zone test (Ideamensch)


If you’re wondering what that last item is, a combustion appliance zone test determines if a home’s appliances are venting properly under the most negative conditions that inspectors can create within the appliance location. Combustion air is taken from inside a house’s pressure barrier. The pressure boundaries of homes are locations like attics, crawl spaces, and exterior closets and other areas. Depending on what an energy audit reveals, PosiGen technicians can implement a number of improvements to fix problems of energy inefficiency. This will include things like sealing windows, placing insulation in attics or between walls and even around a water heater. The service is included at PosiGen. Other measures are conducting duct repairs and air filter replacements. Changing out old incandescent light bulbs for efficient LED lights is recommended as is installing a modern and programmable thermostat. PosiGen is known primarily as a supplier of solar energy systems for homes. To date, it has fitted more than 14,000 houses with roof-top solar panels that immediately allow homeowners to save approximately $50 or more on electricity bills. Furthermore, PosiGen offers a unique, no-money upfront way to pay for solar panels.