Known as a selfless community leader, Pam Baer is a businesswoman based in San Francisco. She spends most of her advocating for better, affordable, and quality health care among the vulnerable people in society. Pamela Baer also has high ranks in several organizations, including the San Francisco general hospital foundation, a lifetime director, raising over 250 million dollars for charity.

She serves as an advisory board individual from the family house, and also, she is a board member of the Jewish women giving circle. Her charity work was motivated by the lifesaving care and administration at the San Francisco general hospital after her son was hospitalized due to an accident. Since then, she never looked back and has even founded an organization herself called For Goodness Sake. On the global stage, she is a member of every mother counts.

As a leader, she sets high-risk goals and puts all of her efforts into them and hence ends up making the world an even better place. Pam Baer also likes spending time with ambitious and positive-minded people who help her put her goals and targets through. The mother of four and the wife of Larry Baer likes working in the morning hours when her brain is still fresh to accomplish more tasks easily and faster. Though a team player, pam Baer refers to herself as an introvert.

The 61-year-old is always open to new projects and ideas, which leaves her taking on too much on her plate. She is a feminist and continually encourages women to conquer the glass ceiling and do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals and interests. Her ability to get people to engage in fundraising activities for the betterment of society is one of a kind. Pamela Baer is an upstanding and the best community leader who does anything for the well-being of her people. Read more about Pam Baer, here.


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