Carl DaikelerAnyone who is looking to get into better physical condition should strongly consider using BeachBody’s products. The company offers more than 85 different programs that are designed to help almost anyone lose weight, improve endurance or get a leaner physique in less than 100 days. BeachBody was founded by Carl Daikeler in 1998 as a way to motivate himself to exercise on a more consistent basis.

BeachBody Saw Significant Demand During 2020

According to Carl Daikler, the company saw a significant increase to its subscriber base during March 2020. That happened to be the month in which many people throughout the world were required to spend a majority of their time at home. For $99 a month, subscribers can gain access to the entire BeachBody library using their phones, computers or televisions.

Carl Daikeler Was Just a Guy Looking to Get Healthy

Two decades ago, Daikeler realized that only those who had gym memberships had access to guided fitness programs. However, he also knew that most people who had memberships rarely took full advantage of them. Therefore, Daikeler created his own program that would make it easier for people to exercise wherever it was convenient for them to do so.

Shakeology Might Also Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals


It can be difficult to eat right when you are always on the go. However, Shakeology can make it easier to maintain a healthy diet regardless of how busy you are. These drinks contain dozens of vitamins, minerals and other ingredients that aim to provide you with steady energy throughout the day.