The Covid-19 pandemic brought significant changes to various life aspects, including the way businesses transact. Business leaders worldwide have encountered unexpected challenges and obstacles, forcing them to adapt to stay afloat. Companies have had to innovate, reorient their operations, and go digital to keep up with the workforce’s needs.


Kip Lewis was among the millions of business leaders whose plans were impacted by the pandemic. His firm, Lewis Investments, was left without an option other than to engage JLL for refinancing. However, the deal turned out to be an opportunity for Lewis Investments to expand its operations throughout Austin, Texas.


Lewis anchors his career success to his ability to learn lessons, maintain optimism, and adapt to changes. Kip Lewis pursued his formal education in business administration at Texas State University. Then, at just 27 years, Kip Lewis used his $2,000 savings to start his business empire, Lewis Investments. Today, Kip Lewis owns a portfolio of residential, office, industrial, and retail properties. He has recently purchased the historic Round Rock buildings and remodeled them.


According to Kip Lewis, businesses must stay open to creativity and innovation. Companies that have remained agile have survived the pandemic. Kip Lewis urges business leaders to utilize new opportunities and adapt to new processes as quickly as they can to stay afloat. He also advises business leaders to always be nimble and prepare for unexpected challenges and obstacles. Consumers continue to become reliant on the internet, so it is time businesses find ways to reach them through the right channels.


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