Kip Lewis, of Austin, has been an owner of real estate businesses for more than twenty-eight years. His business career started when he was twenty-seven years, with $2,000 from his savings account balance. Lewis used this amount to start a Real Estate Investment Company named “Lewis Investments.”


His first property was a thirty-five acre RV/MH community in the La Frontera Development area, which he held ownership for twenty-eight years. Lewis, during the ownership of this property, developed an Investor Owner Private Utility Company. The property expanded to become a sixty-acre multiple-use endeavor before creating two new communities in Georgetown and Pflugerville with 650 sites combined total. Lewis, on completion, sold them to the largest MH Real Investment Trust. He continued investments after purchasing a home office at Main Street Round Rock.


Lewis developed Main Street Grill Restaurant in 1999 that operated for eighteen years as a hub for business lunch and upscale dining. Lewis Investment now manages and develops a portfolio of MH/RV, Residential, Retail, and Office properties in addition to raw land.


Failures in the Journey 


Kip Lewis picks a time he ignored his gut instincts and made a poor decision. He allowed a sweet-talking salesperson to swindle him in his inexperienced business area. Lewis felt “the salesperson’s words were too good to be genuine,” and although he suppressed the feelings, it turned out he was right.


He also acknowledges having made the mistake of not gaining more useful knowledge to make sense of a deal and ensure he was doing the right thing. The entrepreneur admits he lost all his investment in the deal with the salesperson because of quick decision and failing to act.


Success Formula


Lewis did not become bitter or blame others for the economic loss of a real estate investment, but chose to bear the responsibility. Lewis, since that time, has committed to only investing in businesses within his area of expertise. Today, he credits his success in entrepreneurship to not letting failure defeat him. The Round Rock business professional looks for lessons in failure.