Kfir Gavrieli is an individual who makes good use of his time and resources to bring the best out of him. He is the CEO of Tieks, a company that he founded. Tieks is one company that uses only online platforms for advertising its products. They supply fashionable women’s ballet flats known for their amenity, high standard, and portability. Tieks is also one of the brands to be well known worldwide, even without physical outlets. Since 2010, they have been vending their affordable Italian-Leather flats solely through their platform.

Gavrieli’s family settled in America during his tender age, and his parents demonstrated an excellent example for their children. The parents hardly or no spoke in English after they settled in Los Angels’ San Fernando Valley. They were focused on giving their children a good life by raising their micro-business from scratch.

Kfir Gavrieli was a hardworking entrepreneur. Kfir Gavrieli aimed to invent superior products while creating a robust and triumphant brand. According to him, Tieks gave him a chance to change lives through Gavrieli Foundation and its undeviating connection with KIVA. Tieks through the Gavrieli Foundation offers small loans to business owners worldwide who live in bankruptcy.

Kfir Gavrieli, during the COVID-19 pandemic, showed his kindness after changing his company to the sewing of face masks, which he contributed to crucial health workers. He also influenced his supporters and followers to join him. Through his effort, they were able to sew millions of face masks that he gave out to essential healthcare workers in Los Angeles.

At first, Gavrieli was aimed to gather his team at Tieks to manufacture personal protective equipment (PPE) using cloths for donation to top-notch healthcare workers. He purchased more sewing machines used at Tieks headquarters to enable him and his team to produce more face masks. Go here for related information.


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