Joseph Ashford is a remarkable entrepreneur based in London. He is the founder of K4 Global, which is a media consulting firm. Ashford has witnessed several evolving trends throughout his professional career, and these have given him some crucial insights into how things are going.

2021 is an uncertain year as businesses get back to their usual operations. As such, entrepreneurs need to gather as much information as they can. Joseph Ashford has managed to work with clients from various parts of the world, and he has the following thoughts on who will dominate the market this year.

Ashford notes that the value of content is not going down anytime soon. Content is the future of marketing, and the days of advertising and pitching a service or product are gone. The phrase Content is king never gets old as it represents what the general public needs these days.


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He adds that bombarding potential clients with superfluous promises will likely drive them away; rather, they want the genuine personal information that addresses real concerns. They want firms that are adding value to a larger conversation. Joseph Ashford is particularly interested in promoting social justice in London, and K4 Global acknowledges and promotes values that are beneficial to all.

Entrepreneurs need to find a unique selling point if they hope to stand out as their customers resume their normal lives. Ashford adds that a unique selling point distinguishes a business from others in the industry. Whatever choice you make, it has to be attractive enough to catch the customer’s attention to the rest of your content.

According to Joseph Ashford, the network marketing strategy will remain effective in 2021. After a long period of isolation, entrepreneurs need to work on their social and professional circles. Cultivating relationships with other entrepreneurs may come in handy in the future if an opportunity pops up.