Even though the Covid-19 pandemic has affected all corners of the world, various companies and businesses continue their operations. In other words, any company that wanted to stay in business had to get another alternative to working. John Ritenour emphasizes the power of remote working as the pandemic continues to affect the world.

Ritenour is among the business leaders who have adopted remote working in their businesses. John Ritenour is the instigator and the president of the Insurance Office of America, also known as IOA. The company is among the top insurance firms located in the United States. Since Ritenour has experience in remote work, he has much to share with the public members.

According to John Ritenour, for any business that wants to ensure proper management of funds, remote work is the best alternative. Remember that you do not require hiring an office for your day-to-day work when you adopt remote operations. This means that you will have done away with the cost of getting a workspace. Instead, you will work from your house.

Researchers have revealed that remote working enhances the rate of productivity among workers. This works to get enough time to focus on a given task without any intervention from other staff members. This increases the quality of the work done and the amount of work an individual can work on in a single day.

In most onsite operations, you will find out that most employees tend to become sick, failing to go to work. This means that there will be pending work in the office. On the other hand, remote working gives employees time and freedom, eliminating minor excuses.

The hiring rate of remote workers is exceptionally high compared to onsite working. Many people get an opportunity to work for different companies across the globe.

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