Isidoro Quiroga is an experienced businessman who has been making great business moves. He knows how to research the market and grow his business ventures. He started by investing in a California-based energy solutions company. He decided to invest about $84 million in the company then grew it to later sell it for more than ten times the initial investment. The energy sector has been gaining traction over the years. Isidoro’s ability to research different markets then invest in the right business ventures has made him among the most respected businessmen.

US$735 million profit from selling Enphase Energy

After selling Enphase, he made a lot of profit. The business venture was dealing with energy solitons. Some of the products they were involved in were solar systems, home energy monitoring systems, among other energy solution ventures. His ability to work with different investors has made him achieve great success as an investor. The different moves he was making as a business made him make a profit within a short period.

Australis Seafoods

Io 2017, Isidoro Quiroga was involved in another business venture where he decided to sell Australis seafood to a Chinese salmon company. The move was another great hit for him because it made him achieve great success as an investor. For the time he has been investing in different ventures, he is known to develop the right investment ventures that have worked perfectly in growing his net worth. Isidoro is known in the business world due to his ability to work on different businesses. He managed to lead Austria food through a major crisis in the food market. He knows how to deal with various challenges that arise when doing business in different sectors.

Investing internationally

Isidoro has been involved in several international investment ventures. For instance, he has been involved in buying shares in the Chiles stock market. He has bought shares in companies such as Endesa and Banco de Chile. He knows the need to invest in a wide range of markets. His careful assessment of the different companies has made him achieve great success as an investor.

Isidoro Quiroga has an interest in the mining industry. It can be seen from the decision he made to venture into a junior investment company. The company has operations from different parts of the world. It was formed in Australia, and it has been expanding. He also has an interest in olive oil plantations.