A well-respected securities attorney in New York, Juan Monteverde specializes in mergers and acquisitions, and commercial landlord/tenant relations. As an attorney, he worked for many corporations in San Francisco. Eventually, he joined his father’s company, Monteverde, Gomez & Hicks, in 1976. The company has grown into one of the more prestigious in the area, where it often enjoys a high reputation for dedicated, principled representation to its clients. Several of his former clients have gone on to be very successful entrepreneurs, with many of them establishing their own companies and holding down full-time careers.

Mr. Monteverde has had many successful years in this field, has been with numerous law firms throughout his career. Most notably, he was a partner at Simmons Broshfeld, where he represented some of the largest names in San Francisco and California. During his time there, he worked with many prominent personalities, including former San Francisco Mayor Jerry Breedan, tech guru John Scully, and former President George Walker Bush. Additionally, he was a Staff Attorney for Representatives Barney Frank and Jack Brooks, as well as a member of the litigation department for the United States Department of Justice. While these positions did not put him in a position to meet his career goals at the time, they have enabled him to experience many of the opportunities that are available through a venture capital firm.

Even though Mr. Monteverde has spent a great number of years in public service and has many achievements to his credit, he acknowledges that one of the keys to being an effective investor is understanding securities law. Therefore, he is eager to discuss new business concepts and strategies. Mr. Monteverde is also eager to share opinions about how the new investor can make his or her portfolio safer. One way that he emphasizes the importance of investor security is through discussing shareholder rights, and the importance of having those rights in place. Although Mr. Monteverde has seen many legal improvements over the years, he is quick to point out that some of the problems that existed some twenty years ago can still be seen today.

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