Hughes Marino is one of the leading commercial property companies in the world. The firm specializes in providing property solutions for professional organizations. The buyer and tenant representation firm has dominated the East Bay building market by developing quality premises. The  Hughes Marino firm has a team of great brokers who understand the concept of customer satisfaction.


What makes Hughes Marino stand out from competitors?


Hughes Marino offers diverse services such as leasing, building facilities, and buying properties. The company focuses on developing structures like offices, labs, and industrial & manufacturing spaces. Also, Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation firm takes pride in tenant representation and buyer representation. This strategy at the firm means that the organization does not offer services to landlords. 


As a result, there is an elimination of conflict of interest and hidden motives. The property company is unique due to the availability of accountability services. These aids at Hughes Marino representation firm include culture consulting, planning & design, lease accounting, and project management.


Impact of Covid-19 on the business


Like any other business, the Covid-19 pandemic caused millions of losses in investments globally. But this disadvantage did not affect Hughes Marino because they were well prepared. In the past 10 years, the company has been working to strengthen its culture and core values. 

So, when the pandemic hit, every expert had the foundation of surviving in hard times. Covid-19 became a wake-up call to both employees and employers of the firm. So, the pandemic pushed for improved communication through zoom meetings. Covid-19 brought professionals at Hughes Marino together which gave room for sharing more ideas in development. Also, the company invested in video phones which allowed quality communication online.