With regards to the current structure of the school calendar and setting, parents do not have a role to play. They are only supposed to provide and take care of the kids while at home. However, all the issues involving learning and educational progress are supposed to be handled by the teachers. This very traditional approach seems to be adopted by all the schools around the country and the world at large.

However, there have been very many parents who have been looking for some of the ways through which they can be involved in the daily school life of their kids. Also, some teachers have been trying to look for some of the innovative techniques that they can use to involve parents and guardians in their kids’ learning. There have been some conclusions that the collaboration between the teachers and the parents will bring out the best from the kids.

The only technology that is giving this option to the teachers and the parents at home is the ClassDojo. This is one of the stands out innovations that are focused on changing the entire educational sector and bringing some new approaches. In this case, ClassDojo wants everything to go through technology in the delivery of the necessary lessons in the classroom. It is worth highlighting that this technology has been able to involve parents in the educational system.

ClassDojo makes sure that parents have an opportunity to ensure that they are undertaking home-based learning through some of the materials offered in this online platform. There are very many parents who appreciate the role that this innovation has brought to the educational sector as they now get to know how their students have been learning. This innovation has also enabled teachers to send some interesting and entertaining videos about their kids in school.

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