In 1979, the city of Richmond in Virginia was filled with happiness due to the birth of Michael Patrick Carroll. His family later relocated to Tamba, Florida, and following the accomplishment of his high school studies, he relocated to Atlanta, starting his entrepreneurship journey. Though it was Patrick’s dream to be successful in his industry of interest, real estate, he never knew he would gain such an extraordinary career fulfillment. From his early days in the industry, M Patrick Carroll never settled for less and put hard work into everything he laid his hands on, hence finding leverage in the competitive market.

The humble beginnings of his company that has denominated the US real estate sector was an acquisition of a property using a mortgage. He then flipped the house successfully, and his interest in house flipping became stronger. What followed were a series of house flipping transactions. After he had gathered some good capital, his company transitioned from the flipping business to putting up its properties; the first developments contained one hundred and fifty units.

Being a person who has always been ahead, before an economic depression hit the country, he had sold all the units, using the profits to acquire three management property companies with a portfolio of over twenty thousand units spread across the country. As he was reading through Forbes and saw part of the list contained real estate participants, he got inspiration and knew he would make it like them; which he has.

The success of CARROLL Company has resulted from Patrick’s ability to keep it purely private, leading to an easy and quick decision-making process. Also, Michael Patrick Carroll fills his team with highly ambitious people who share his mission and vision. Led by its four pillars: Focus, passion, integrity, and excellence, CARROLL has managed to stand out even in challenging economic conditions. Philanthropically, M Patrick Carroll looks for opportunities to give back to the community provided they align with his at-heart mission: Early childhood development, health, and wellness.

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