Hawkers is considered one of the leading producers of trendy sunglasses in the fashion industry. However, the company has not had an easy rise to success. The company has roots in a Spanish online company called Saldum which dealt in second-hand merchandise. Investors Alejandro and David Moreno, together with a few friends, decided to stake $300 on an online sales business.

Their initial investment saw them buy 27 pairs of sunglasses that they resold online earning a significant profit. Their success bore the idea of going against some of the most established brands such as Gucci and Prada. Over time the company grew, selling their products exclusively on their online platforms and working closely with popular online platforms to market themselves.

The success of the company became overwhelming for the initial founders. This being the case, seasoned investor Alejandro Betancourt stepped in both financial and administratively to bail out the struggling Hawkers. The company was finding it difficult to keep up with its growth with increased administrative expenditure that would have otherwise forced the company out of business. Thus, Alejandro Betancourt stepped in.

Born in South America with a degree in business administration and economics from Suffolk University, Alejandro Betancourt went on to become an integral part in the growth and development of Hawkers. With a rich background running various companies in Africa and Latin America, Alejandro Betancourt brought his experience to the company.

Through his company O’Hara, Alejandro Betancourt has managed to bring more investors to the company. O’Hara is an investment company with numerous clients across the globe. His motto ”Never stop trying” has been the driving force towards steering the company to its current standing.

Mr. Betancourt focused most of his attention on marketing. Building on the company’s online presence, he has been working towards boosting the company’s online presence through specific social media platforms. He has also secured endorsement and marketing deals with celebrities such as Usher and Dani Alves. He has also shifted his attention towards influencer marketing, further boosting the company’s online presence.