Heath Ritenour is one of the most successful people in the insurance sector. He is the CEO and chairman of the Insurance Office of America (IOA). IOA is the 11th largest insurance company in the US and is privately owned. It began operations in 1988 with John Ritenour and his wife as the minds behind it. In 1998, Heath started working at IOA as an agent and climbed up the ladder as the CEO in 2007 and chairman in 2019. His determination to see the company grow has made him develop ways to change how insurance companies operate.

The old system of acquiring insurance is a tedious process involving a client having to visit the insurance offices. They have to fill in close to 70 questions depending on the insurance they want to buy. On top of that, after filling the questions, the company takes more time to verify the information given and even a long time before one can receive their insurance. It’s time consuming, making the process complicated.

Heath Ritenour suggests the incorporation of technology in the whole process. That is how they came up with a software called SimplyIOA, which automatically fills in information about a client already available to the public. The customer needs only to supply their name and date of birth, and the system pulls all other details filling up the other questions. It is most convenient because it only takes a few minutes and there are not many questions involved. The customer only checks to see if the information is correct.

What is more, Heath Ritenour advocates for digital communication platforms such as zoom, live chats, and phone calls that immediately provide customers with information. The company has employed many agents who answer calls and go on live conversations with customers to ensure that the clients don’t wait long in line before they get attended to.

Also, IOA, with the leadership of Heath Ritenour, has collaborated with big technology companies to ensure that more people across the country can access SimplyIOA. He is also working with other insurance companies to provide insurance covers for different businesses such as restaurants, where he has collaborated with Zenith to form Zenia Insures.

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