Hassan Jameel highlights that a business profit line cannot be its sole goal, and that the organization’s owners, management, and staff must be enthusiastic about the organization ’s mission. He says that any business can serve as an employer for its society, and therefor must be viewed in the context of doing good for the community.

Along with his family, Hassan Jameel directs the winds of ALJ’s commercial prospects, ensuring the business maintains its growth on a worldwide scale. He has played a key role in the development of ALJ’s worldwide expansion, and has been involved in almost every project that the firm undertakes.

He is a part of all stages of the firm’s operations and is committed to helping solidify ALJ as one of the leading industrial enterprises in Saudi Arabia. He believes that teamwork, experience, and knowledge are needed factors for success in business. Read more about Hassan Jameel

Credited with being one of the first businessmen to understand why strategy is necessary for business success, Hassan Jameel has placed great emphasis on developing the company’s strategic plan. He has been responsible for increasing the Company’s focus on the areas of organics, nutrition and weight management. He began his career with ALJ in 1987 as a purchasing manager and was promoted to a wholesale buyer in 1989.

Hassan Jameel received a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Umm Al Qura University in 1981. He is also a graduate of the American University in Cairo’s management program. He serves as Chairman of ALJ Holding Company, President of ALJ Industrial Development Company, and Vice-President of ALJ Foods. He was also an Executive Board Member on the Executive Committee for the Food and Beverage division, as well as a Member of the Board of Directors for ALJ’s parent company, Jeddah Food Inc. As a member of those Boards, he had a hand in running several commercial ventures including: Al Jaber Trading Co., SABICO International Ltd. and Asma Oil & Gas. He is currently chairman of Al Jaber Trading Co.