In 1991, Gary started doing business on his own and owning several companies. His primary focus is starting up and selling businesses. He has been involved in the real estate business for many years as well as the hospitality industry. He has also been involved in the telecommunications industry for many years. In 2003, Gary received the ‘Life Achievement Award’ from the National Coastal Leadership Council for his significant accomplishments in real estate, telecommunications and the hospitality industry. He has also been involved in several community organizations and civic groups.

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He is also involved with the food and beverage industry. He is involved with bio-fuels as well.

He has been involved in many sectors of the economy since 1991.

His involvement with gas industry began when he formed Southcoast Petroleum in 2001 and led the company to become a leader in the industry.

The hospitality industry has always been a big part of Gary’s life. He is currently involved with a hotel called The Commodore Plaza Hotel in St. John’s. The hotel has a nightclub, restaurants, cafés and more. It is located next door to the famous Alderney Landing Mall. The Commodore Plaza Hotel is a very popular establishment for many people.

Gary’s involvement with the real estate industry began in 2001 when he started a company called Prosperity Realty Ltd. His focus was on relocating businesses and houses in Newfoundland. He also had a few other companies that focused on selling real estate, such as Prime Property Management Inc., which is a property management company.

Gary also owned a company called Business & Development. This company would help local businesses get started and attract new industry to the province. Gary has also been involved in starting up other industries in Newfoundland and Labrador, such as the golf business.