The company formed by profile individuals in 1998 kicked off as a private equity firm. It is based in the US; in New York, the company has penetrated the industry through its move to be traded publicly. Reeling into ups and downs in the business, the New York based firm has stood the test of time to remain successful.

Fortress Investment Group has tentatively made considerable investments in its backyard. It has also strengthened its growth in the industry through its initiative to involve great mutual collaborations with other investors in the industry. With a great team employed, the delivery of service has also been at par. With the vast expansion in the industry, Fortress Investment Group has widened its arms to accommodate Credit, liquid, hedge funds in its operations and direct its interest in real estate.

Creating its high credibility in handling business, the company has taken its lead in closing another mega-deal with the Morrisons. The center of interest involves a supermarket which is highly valued with the current market rates. With such a huge success, Fortress Investment Group has propelled its growth in the industry. The major acquisitions of the group also include the Canadian ski resort operator, Florida East Coast Industries, among others.

Despite many companies facing dilemma to keep up with the harsh times due to the Covid -19 pandemic, the New York pacesetter has shown its prowess in other deals, including its desire to acquire management of Colony Capital’s Non-Digital Real Estate funds, among others. Clinching its share and enjoying a high customer clientele base, the company has also expanded into other countries, including Japan.

Through strategic moves aimed at the company’s growth, it has also taken several of its other companies’ public, including AirCastle ltd, Brookdale Senior Living Inc. Towing its steps carefully, Fortress Investment Group has won its fair deals by bagging top awards for its excellent works in the industry.