There has been an evolution in videos in the recent past, such as watching movies from theater rooms, home televisions, and today’s mobile devices. Watching videos has become something that we do daily because of the advancement of technology today.

Since consumers get videos easily these days, companies use them for marketing their goods and services. They are sure that the videos will grab the consumers’ attention who might be interested in watching and later buying the products or services. Most consumers are aware of how the marketing videos disrupt them when watching other important content.

Mr. Gurp Rai, droppTV’s founder and C.E.O wondered if it could incorporate entertainment and marketing videos to make viewing more interesting. That thought came to him while searching for a certain red jacket, which he did not find eventually. He realized that there were challenges as one tried to shop for something they see on video.

After doing some research, Mr. Rai noted that many people tried the idea several times, but none of them had succeeded using “shopatainment,” which means bringing together consumer-friendly content and shopping videos together. Under the headship of Rai, employees at droppTV are working towards incorporating business and entertainment videos so that people can watch them together.

Rai decided to start using music videos since that is what inspired him to start droppTV. The company uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable consumers to shop, select any item they like on videos, and purchase without looking for them elsewhere.

Content creators and artists can use droppTV to connect with their followers and monetize from their videos. They can use the platform to show their music videos and the new clothes in the market at different times. The shopatainment idea can be used in other sectors and not just the music industry.

While introducing a new way of doing business, droppTV collaborated with the Angela Show brand to use the shopatainment strategy to reach more people through the internet or in-person. The partnership aims at introducing the idea to as many people as possible through seminars and meetings. The partnership will provide consumers and buyers with the opportunity to get their desired brands through a platform that allows them to shop directly using different online platforms.

The coming together of Agenda Shows and droppTv will display the power that the strategy can provide retail markets with. Since there has been great competition from the many brands that companies manufacture these days, firms should follow the consumer trends that show how they plan to spend their finances.