DFINITYDFINITY, founded by Dominic Williams, is a publicly traded company with a mission to change the way cloud computing works. He founded the startup in 2016 in order to provide an alternative option to the centralized server farms that he felt were causing digital transactions to be insecure, slow and caught up in proprietary systems. His goal is to use open-source platforms and coding techniques to make the internet decentralized, accessible to all and applicable to more aspects of daily life.


DFINITY operates the Internet Computer network. It’s not a business. It’s also not a server farm. What it consists of is a network of individually owned computers that function as internet servers. Each one of these machines is called a node. At present, there are thousands of nodes. The nodes run AI and algorithms that facilitate digital transactions. Because each node is controlled separately and can be disconnected without affecting other nodes, the Internet Computer enhances online security and accessibility.

Mission of the DFINITY Internet Computer Project

DFINITY’s mission is to eliminate the need for centralized server farms. Founder Dominic Williams feels that these server farms are the source of slow transactions, insecure connections and other issues, such as a reduction in creativity and fewer options for internet users. He started the DFINITY Foundation to provide funding to students, educators and everyday people who use open-source tools to build more apps for the Internet Computer. The DFINITY Foundation offers scholarships, workshops and more to advance its goals. It got the funds from a token launch and the company’s IPO earlier this year.

Dfinity Foundation

Upcoming Actions for the Internet Computer

Dominic Williams has a lot of plans for what the Internet Computer will do. He wants to add more nodes so that cryptocurrency transactions can proceed with more speed and security. He also wants to add more apps for online services that will add convenience to the lives of everyday people. One example is the Internet Computer’s LinkedUp network. It aims to rival LinkedIn and serve as an open-source platform for employers to connect with job-seekers.