Not Enough Room In Traditional Asset Classes

Many people most know Bo Parfet from his book Die Trying, but many are not as in tune with his career as an investor and fund manager. Many of the life lessons that he wrote about in his book about going from novice climber to summiting the highest peaks in the world have huge carry over to his career as a fund manager.

A Citizen of The World, An Investor In All Parts of The World

It is very difficult to become a traveler of the world and not have it change you. It is even more difficult to go through some of your most impactful experiences while traveling, fighting nature and climbing the highest peaks in the world, and not have that shape how you think about the future, how you invest, who you invest in, and the ideas that you chase.

Private Equity, Mountains and Emergent Themes

If Die Trying teaches anything, it teaches the need to be open to new experiences, to be versatile, to try everything, and to dive right in. In the world of investing, it is similar, the old ways have reached their height, but the world of private investing is opening up, the need to invest in things that are sustainable and good for all is in high demand.

Social, Sustainability, Investing In What Matters

Investing in what matters most is what you learn while at the top of a mountain, and that is the aim of Bo Parfet as he takes his lessons from the mountains, the lessons from his book, and using them in his career as a fund manager.

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