Ross LevinsohnFor more than 30 years, Ross Levinsohn has been one of the top names in the advertising and marketing space. During his career, he has led companies such as Yahoo, Fox Interactive Media and Tribune Media. He also spent three years leading a venture capital firm that he founded. As of November 2021, Levinsohn is the CEO of both Sports Illustrated and Maven.

What Made Ross Levinsohn and Sports Illustrated a Good Fit?

Ross Levinsohn has been a sports fan for most of his life, and he has also had an affinity for historic moments in sports. Working with Sports Illustrated allowed him to pursue both of his passions at the same time, and it also allowed him to do so while helping to resuscitate a brand that had been losing readers over the past two decades.

What Did Levinsohn Do to Make Sports Illustrated Viable Again?

Levinsohn decided that he was going to run a magazine that didn’t shy away from creating print content. Although most publications created content to be consumed digitally, he realized that there was value in producing a physical product that a person could connect with on a deeper level.

Furthermore, he invested a significant amount of money in a new writing staff that was equipped to write stories that would evoke a strong emotional response from readers. Levinsohn theorized that creating this connection would improve the odds that subscribers would continue to spend money on the magazine while new readers would become subscribers.

Having a Relationship With Maven Helped

Maven is the name of the company that provides a suite of publishing tools to Sports Illustrated and hundreds of other publications. These tools help Levinsohn create, market and distribute content in a timely manner while also keeping costs in check. Ross Levinsohn has been the CEO of Maven since August 2020.