Four schools have been built in Eragayiam, Bokondini, and Papau with Wayne von Borstel’s assistance through Development Associates International. There are three elementary schools and one secondary school in this group. Through working with the Wisleys, the school’s founders, they have set an excellent example of Christian values for hundreds of kids and their families. Scotty Wisley and Heidi Scotty. Not only do they prioritize ensuring that all students have access to an excellent education, but they also work tirelessly to better the lives of indigenous people in the highlands by strengthening families for a brighter future for their children. See more of Wayne Von Borstel on facebook for more details.

More than 350 students from pre-K through 12th grade attend these institutions. These initiatives help establish groups based on grace and love rather than the judgment that is all too common in this world. So, Wayne von Borstel attempts to set an example by using his successes. It is important to stress that von Borstel’s generosity has not been limited to the business he founded or his professional life. This is a very significant consideration. Borstel and Marta, are deeply committed to helping kids from poor circumstances. To give them access to educational opportunities they wouldn’t have had otherwise, which can drastically better their life and that of their families.

To Wayne Von Borstel, these endeavors symbolize the chance to accomplish something that brings him happiness, pleasure, and the ability to see the potential in people that can be unlocked in their lives with knowledge, love, and generosity. Wayne is given a number of chances in his life, and tried to seize every one of them. When he attempts to help those who have not been bestowed with his good fortune, he is repaying it. Consequently, he has made it his life’s work to guarantee the happiness of the most significant number of people.