Dr Tim Ioannides is recognized globally as the co-founder, chairman, and co-executive officer at Treasure Coast Dermatology. Throughout his career, he has played a significant role in offering top-notch medical and healthcare services. Ioannides has over 2 decades of experience serving as a dermatologist. Dr. Tim has the American Board of Dermatology certification, making him a highly qualified dermatologist. Tim is actively involved in surgical operations in the American Academy of Dermatology department, where he is an active member. He holds other membership positions in Dermatology Surgery, Florida Society, and the American Medical Connotation Doctor, to name a few.

Besides serving as a dermatologist, Tim has also extended a hand in supporting philanthropic works. Tim values education because he believes it is the key to success. He offers support to education, especially in dermatology studies. He offers voluntary training to his learners at the University of Miami, which was his former University.

Success never comes on a bed of roses. Dr. Tim Ioannides worked towards achieving success, and through hard work and determination, he earned. He attended several institutions to pursue his degree course. He always recorded top-notch results through his studies and won a number of awards and accolades that ranked him among the best dermatologists in the globe. Examples of the universities he achieved include the University of Miami, where he pursued his bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery. He worked as an intern at the University of Florida Medical School. Later, he went back to the University of Miami, where he served as a resident student. He completed his residency as a cutaneous surgeon from Jackson Memorial Hospital.

In his entire career as a dermatologist, Tim Ioannides always ensured that he embraced a strong rapport with his customers. All patients that have passed in the hands of Dr. Tim have always written back to complement and appreciate him for his services.