Shelton Haynes is the CEO of Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation. Before joining RIOC, Haynes worked as the Chief Operating Officer at the Housing Authority of DeKalb County in Georgia. Haynes first joined RIOCO in April 2016 and was appointed the deputy president of operations.

On November 2020, Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation initiated the grand opening of the Blackwell House, which was freshly renovated. Having been founded in 1984, RIOCO runs a Public Safety Department, which is highly concerned with ensuring a safe and reliable environment for workers, visitors, residents, and entrepreneurs. The organization ensures it provides services that build up the island’s residential community.

On the 16th of April 2021, RIOCO initiated the opening of Roosevelt Island Youth Center, which was freshly renovated. RIYC, approximately 8,000 square feet, was a perfect place for youth to engage in various activities, such as educational programming, to help build them. According to Shelton Haynes, RIYC provides a friendly environment that significantly upholds its services to youth, even those outside Roosevelt Island.

Shelton Haynes has had a significant impact under his leadership in RIOC. Having been named the CEO of RIOC on the 19th of June 2020, he was able to help the departments which were not performing well improve and began doing great. As the corporation’s CEO, he passionately works towards leading the company to attain its vision and goals. According to Haynes, transparency is crucial in building trust within the organization and community. He has also played a significant role in magnifying the scope of RIOC’s Capital Program.