Leadership is a complicated topic to approach. However, essential pillars of leadership should always be present in any company or organization. Leaders must identify with these four pillars and ensure they have the necessary skills. If these principles aren’t in place, an organization will lack cohesion and a chance at success. According to Vijay Eswaran, the founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies, a multinational corporation that focuses on the interests of its customers, “If you don’t have these four pillars of leadership in place, you will not be able to deliver the results necessary to be successful.

  1. Leaders Empower

As the company grows, people will get promoted, and the organization will expand. This is a challenge for leaders because they now have more people to supervise and manage. The first step in recruiting leaders is identifying the values you want the new leader to embody. Once the selection process is completed, you should have a clear sense of who that person is and be able to trust their decisions. Vijay Eswaran explains that this can’t be taught in a classroom or seminar. You must get to know the person and see how they operate. According to Vijay Eswaran, leaders can manage themselves and their team members when they are empowered. This leads them down the path of success because they can still supervise and help others lead.

  1. Leaders Are Accountable

Having senior leaders who deliver on what they promise allows employees to trust their leaders and rely on their decisions. When leaders fail to deliver on their promises, the employees will not take any of their words seriously. This is a dangerous position for a leader because it destroys respect, trust, and credibility. As people cannot rely on their leaders, they become skeptical and seek out other leaders they can respect.

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