No matter what industry you work in, chances are that there’s been a leadership article you’ve read or heard about at some point. What’s more, if you are on your company’s executive team, then it’s a guarantee that you’re constantly paying attention to how leadership is impacting your business. Vijay Eswaran, the founder and current chairman of the QI Group of Companies and a power-changer in his own right, certainly knows this all too well. As someone who has helped guide some of the largest companies in Asia and the world over his 40-year career, Vijay has been exploring how leadership is changing and why it’s essential to watch out for.

  1. Leaders Take Ownership

Vijay Eswaran is a big believer in taking ownership of everything that happens in your business. If you’re a leader who always makes excuses and does not accept responsibility, your team will quickly lose faith and trust in you. On the flip side, everybody will be inspired if you constantly try to improve yourself and your business. Vijay Eswaran stands by self-improvement when it comes to the pillars of leadership; another aspect is promoting from within. He says that the best thing you can do is take your employees with you and build a team that can outlast a decade.

  1. Leaders Get It

The idea of “getting it” is key to being a leader. If you need to understand how you will deliver against your plan on time or budget, your team has lost faith in you and may even look elsewhere for help. It’s about ensuring that people feel like you are listening to their ideas and putting them forward in work. You should also ensure that your team constantly looks for ways to improve their performance; this idea of continual improvement is crucial.

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