Randal Nardone always knew he would have a lot of success in his career but did not think he would one day be the co-founder of one of the biggest firms in the world. He came of age in a small town just outside of Storrs & his folks would always tell him if he did his best in his classes, it would translate to success in his career later on. It turned out to be true when he finished at the top of his class & had his pick of any college in the nation. Though he did think about being a bulldog, Randal Nardone decided to live the husky life instead. So he matriculated on their campus in the mid 90’s & knew that he would need to select a major if he were to do well in life later on and more

He soon found out that he had a love for lit & opted to be an English major. At this time, he was also able to get into phi beta kappa but he never let any of it go to his head. By the time he was a senior, he knew he had to make a plan for the rest of his future. This is why he went to a meeting with his advisor where they would brainstorm ideas on how he could excel in his career. When Randal Nardone was satisfied with what they had come up with, he graduated & went on to law school in Boston. After he got his JD, he decided to cofound FIG with his friends &they helped to ensure it did well in the long. Randal Nardone is now serving as the CEO & he hopes to keep leading them in the right direction in the near future and more to know [email protected]www.crunchbase.com/person/randal-nardone