Matthew FleegerThe journey to taking over the leadership of the Gulf Coast Western began at the Southern Methodist University, where Matthew Fleeger was studying finance marketing. His father established the company in 1970 with its head offices in Dallas. During those days, Fleeger –took some time to help his father stabilize the company, although he had other issues to take care of. After graduating, Fleeger secured a job position in one of the financial institutions in the country.

Due to his exceptional finance and marketing skills, Fleeger jumped from one company to another. He was promoted through the ranks due to his impact on the business, making him an essential tool for business success. After ten years of working with different companies, Fleeger decided to establish his startup known as MedSolutions. This was a simple business specialized in the management of medical waste across the country.

His father struggled to expand the Gulf Coast Western by signing partnership contracts with other oil and gas firms across the country. He also ventured into joint venture businesses which contributed to the dramatic growth of the company. The Gulf Coast Western achieved more success in the industry and became popular in the Gulf Coast area and the entire United States. The firm had estabi9shed other subsidiaries in different corners of the country.

Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger Dallas expanded his company which became a big business entity. When his father was almost retiring, Fleeger decided to sell the company to take over the Gulf Coast Western management duties. He was given the stewardship of the oil and gas company in 2007, taking over all the management responsibilities. Fleeger used the experience he had earned serving in different companies to expand the outreach of the company.

Under the management of Matthew Fleeger Dallas, the Gulf Coast Western has grown to international levels supplying its products across the world zones.