Starting and running a business can be overwhelming, especially when managing the business portfolio. The more the company gets more prominent and successful, the harder it gets to work it. It is the dream of every investor to have a prosperous and diverse portfolio of a flourishing business. When it comes to managing and juggling the many sides of the business, Ryan Bishti is no stranger. In his extensive experience, Ryan Bishti knows about balancing and managing various successful companies. He owns several companies and restaurants, including the Windmill Soho, The Cream Group London, among other lists of companies. 


But on top of being a successful business owner, Ryan Bishti has the academic qualifications to run and operate his business well. To adapt to the changing marketplace, Ryan Bishti believes that education will help you see things differently. He has a degree in marketing which allows him to venture into the business world. Ryan Bishti also believes that education is like a catalyst, but academic papers are not necessarily needed in order to run a successful business. For example, he opened one of his restaurants, The Windmill Soho restaurant, during this pandemic despite the challenges that most businesses are facing, and it is by far making profits.


When asked what the secret is by many struggling business owners, Ryan Bishti pointed out that there is no secret to success but simply following the plan. He further explained in an interview about following the business plan and said that investors should concentrate on their time. Time management skills are the best way to reduce stress when handling a successful business. The other thing he mentioned was building the right team that will support your business, and investors should avoid running several businesses by themselves. Also, each company should be treated differently and take risks to get the best business.