Regarding the design of his office, Robert L. McKenna III has done quite a bit of research on the best ways to create an environment that breeds creativity and productivity.

He’s found that several factors need to be in place for this environment to work well, with two being the most important.

The first is the utilization of a whiteboard (or another surface) where he can doodle or sketch out ideas for his projects.

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The second is having plants around because nature seems to be one of those things that makes us feel more relaxed and calm.

He also believes that a suitable desk and chair are essential because they should be comfortable and offer a good view.

Many offices use cubicles, but McKenna believes this doesn’t help productivity, although it does make the workplace look more organized.

In keeping with his belief in using nature for inspiration for his office designs, McKenna has created workspaces that use plants to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

He has done so by adding flowers to several parts of his office environment and creating green walls in certain parts of his space.

Other elements he uses to create the feel of nature in his office include photographs of life outside with silhouetted trees and other calming influences.

He’s also researched what plants are easy to take care of, such as orchids, which can be “bought up” periodically for nourishment.

McKenna has also used a particular color palette in his office designs, using shades of green and other shades representing nature instead of more traditional colors like red or black.

This is done to help the space feel more relaxed and serene, thus facilitating creativity and productivity.

There are also several elements of his office design that Robert McKenna believes can help a person stay focused.

One such element is the use of natural light because this reduces eye strain, which can take its toll on productivity by the middle of the day.

He also recommends a window where natural light comes in from at least one direction, so there are no harsh shadows or glare in the space.

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