NexPoint Advisors started under the directive of James Dondero as the founder. The institution has become a leader in the investment sector. It hosts some of the most reputable investment experts that offer advice to individual clients and other organizations. It has developed through the support of its sponsors and associates, along with its top-notch structures.

James Dondero oversees business operations for NexPoint, driving its investment engagements. He is also one of the managers that the company trusts for its growth strategies. Other professional responsibilities include serving the organization as the director of its REITs. He has worked for more than three decades earning unequaled experience in the investment industry. James has networked with companies across the globe, offering services in private equity, credit, and real estate.

Past achievements for Jim Dondero include co-founding Highland Capital Management, which started operating in 1991. The institution is famous for offering credit investment. His engagement with the institution played a pivotal role in creating his career foundation. In addition, It allowed him to network widely with other companies across the globe. The organization grew immensely during his tenure, creating a reputable profile in other markets. It offered other services beyond credit investment. See this page on LinkedIn for additional information.

James Dondero believes in the culture of exploring numerous investment options, which has seen him gain experience in many fields. He took advantage of Highland’s growth to introduce technology to the investment field, creating NexPoint in 2012. The institution started with an aim to utilize innovation in addressing the needs of investors effectively and promptly. James works with multiple companies as a board member in industries like housing, healthcare, and banking, to mention a few.

Today, James Dondero is an executive leader in organizations like Cornerstone Healthcare Group, where he is the Chairman. NexBank Capital boasts his leadership, as he serves Jernigan Capital as the director. Other companies include Texmark Timber Treasury, SeaOne Holdings, and MGM Holdings, among several others.


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