One of the most incredible things about running, according to Michael Capiraso, is that it “helps me be more productive throughout the day.” Organizers like Michael have struggled with their innate need to run and expertise and the social limitations surrounding the Pandemic. And in a trend that grew exponentially during the year 2020, virtual races are being encouraged more than ever. However, with the end in sight and the changing weather, many new and aspiring runners will become more active. Here are three tips from race organizer Michael Capiraso on new runners can prepare for a race.


New and inexperienced runners typically feel terrific their first or second time running but quickly fall into a slump. The best way to prevent this type of fatigue is to start slow. Create a plan on how to reach racing goals and listen to your body. However, planning is not just creating a realistic roadmap on how to prepare for a half-marathon.

Find a Partner

With social distancing measures still in place, it can be helpful to find a partner or small running group to join. Group running is a great way to stay motivated during weeks when motivation wanes.

Virtual Races

A new trend started solely in response to the Pandemic virtual races can also be strong motivators. Each runner of a virtual race has a set timeframe to complete their test. Recorded and logged are the times and miles of the participants. The benefit to these virtual races is that persons with busy schedules can race on their own time.

About Michael Capiraso

Michael is the former CEO of New York Runners (NYRR). The NYRR is responsible for planning and organizing more than 700,000 events in NYC, with events in New Jersey occurring shortly. He is also a massive supporter of virtual racing, which will likely become a trend that well in the years following the Pandemic. Read more: