Ross LevinsohnWhen Ross Levinsohn graduated from American University with a degree in Communications, he was in the perfect position to launch an amazing career in the media tech field. This industry has evolved dramatically since Levinsohn got his feet wet more than three decades ago at CBS Sportsline, Whisper Advisors and The Boston Group. Levinsohn has been at the forefront of that change over the years. His career has centered on the fascinating area where technology and media meet, and Levinsohn has had the progressive, forward-thinking mindset and a fearless tenacity to drive change in his various roles.

After Ross Levinsohn gained experience, skills and professional traction in his first few positions, he was poised to take on more poignant and influential roles. The opportunity to make a major difference in the industry occurred when Guggenheim Digital Media hired him to be Chief Executive Officer. AdWeek, Billboard Magazine and the Hollywood Reporter are some of the publications that Guggenheim Digital Media oversees. Ross Levinsohn then transitioned to Fox Interactive Media. As President at Fox Interactive Media, he was a key player in the company’s development of affiliations with numerous websites. Affiliations have included the Chicago Tribune, Yahoo!, Thryv, the Los Angeles Times and others.

As Chief Executive Officer at Maven today, Ross Levinsohn continues to have tremendous influence over notable media brands. A few of these are Sports Illustrated,, Ski Magazine and Maxim. Altogether, the company provides backend digital and monetary solutions to more than 300 entities. Levinsohn has a long-standing history of drawing from his experience and his strong work ethic to serve the companies that he works for, and this will continue in his new position at Maven.