Kheireddine is an experienced investment manager and advisor who knows the importance of financial literacy. He’s been in the industry for over 20 years, helping clients make their portfolios more diverse and liquid. Kheireddine is a leading investment professional with 20 years of experience as a portfolio manager and investment advisor. As a knowledgeable asset manager, he has helped his clients build diverse, liquid portfolios by offering them access to many investment opportunities. Mr. Kheireddine cares about making people’s lives better, not just by saving them money but also by helping them grow their wealth and make smarter money decisions. He is a certified financial planner with a specialization in retirement planning. He has helped many people achieve their financial goals, even during the biggest stock market crashes. Mr. Kheireddine has lived in Canada since 1991 and retired from his position at HSBC Canada in 2010 to launch his own financial planning company. Mr. Kheireddine is a man who is passionate about his work; he’s done everything from investment advisory to finance. He has taken his knowledge and created a new path in the fintech industry. To have a successful business plan, you need a lot of market research, testing, and implementation of the results. Mr. Kheireddine moved to Canada when he was two years old and has been a proud Canadian citizen. In 2010, he retired from his position as an analyst at HSBC Canada so that he could focus on helping people prepare for their financial futures. He loves to share his knowledge and expertise with others and enjoys the flexibility of running his own company. Marwan Kheireddine is a finance expert with extensive experience advising clients who need sound financial advice. His knowledge and expertise go beyond the average investment advisor and will only benefit those who take their business to him. Connect on Linkedin to see full profile of Marwan Kheireddine