Crest Resources is a Canadian-based oil and natural gas exploration and production company focusing on prospects in the Appalachian Basin. The company’s strategy is to drill and evaluate high-impact exploration prospects in the Appalachian Basin in order to identify undeveloped high-impact acreage. That same strategy has led to the company’s recent appointment of Jonas Lauren Norr to the company’s board of directors.

Norr is one of the most experienced technology investors in Scandinavia and the founder of JNN Ventures. Jonas is a technology and financial services veteran who has been investing in startups since 2009.


Crest Resources is an ideal investment for Jonas. It has a strong balance sheet, a very low cost of production, and a clear strategy. Jonas believes that Crest Resources is well-positioned to capitalize on the growth of the Appalachian Basin, and the company’s appointment to the board is a vote of confidence in the company’s future.


Jonas Lauren Norr is the latest face to join Crest Resource’s board of directors. The 22-year-old singer, songwriter, and model have been an outspoken supporter of the brand since collaborating with the company to launch a Jonas Brothers-inspired lip gloss.


The Swedish-American beauty is the latest celebrity to join Crest’s board of advisors, which includes John Mayer, Tracee Ellis Ross, Manny MUA, KirstenJohnFitz, and many more. Jonas’s new role will give him a greater insight into the company’s plans for international expansion.\


With the appointment of Jonas Lauren Norr, a renowned executive and founder in the Oil & Gas sector, as the new Chairman of the CREST Council, the CREST Board is making the necessary steps to strengthen the organization and its leadership team ahead of the upcoming CREST Summit in Dubai in May 2019. Mr. Lauren brings a wealth of experience in operating in the Oil and Gas sector and expertise in risk management, technology adoption, digital transformation, and community engagement. His CREST board appointment is the first step toward accelerating CREST’s transition from a regional body to a truly global platform.


In addition, Jonas Lauren Norr is a chemical engineer with a passion for sustainable agriculture. He joined Crest Resource’s board of directors because he believes in the company’s mission to capture and sequester CO2 in agricultural soils. Jonas’s background in chemical and biological engineering and his experience working in sustainable agriculture make him an ideal fit for Crest. Jonas is already making an impact. He attended Crest’s 2018 Engineering Day and participated at the Future Farmers of America conference. Jonas is a big fan of nature in his spare time and is passionate about environmental issues.