Recent data shows that, in all households, twenty-five percent of them lack or have to find a bank account that would fulfill their financial access according to what they need. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of cracks have been shown towards the banking system. People are struggling during this period despite doing everything for them to remain solvent.

Due to this situation, inclusive banking has grown to be known by the people. However, the need to combat inequality has also risen. James Gutierrez is one of the fintech investors ready to make a difference in people’s lives who consider banking.

As an entrepreneur and VC Investor, James Gutierrez has a long history of dealing with underbanked situations. While working in Oportun, he helped over five hundred thousand Hispanic people who required loans. James mainly focused on equality because most citizens in the US never receive it.

The instrumental works of James Gutierrez have helped him pass various laws which favor the people in getting access to loans fast. He championed two programs that include MDIs and CDFIs, meant to cushion the underbanked communities and minority borrowers who require financial services. The two programs have received significant investments; hence there’s been a rising need to educate more people who need it and how it can help them.

The underbanked communities and Latin-X are part of James Gutierrez’s groups in offering them solutions in their finances. He created the first mobile platform that would inclusively connect these communities into getting banking and insurance services. The new venture focuses mainly on offering established, affordable, reasonable, accessible, and built credit and financial security.

Mr. Gutierrez has also ensured that the people know how important it is to receive funding loans. During the pandemic, efforts have been made to offer additional support through the statute amendments, which would help the people get capital to help them.